Inchdairnie Properties


Key points for checking in

It’s exciting moving into a new home but we also know it can be a little stressful. We want everyone to enjoy their move and have devised a little list to help you on your way. Follow these 7 easy steps to help make renting your new home as easy as possible:

1. Always take your meter readings as soon as you move in and phone these into your new supplier as soon as you can. This will help eliminate any confusion and frustration with bills at a later date.

2. We strive to keep all of our flats in great condition but if you do spot any problems or maintenance issues when you move in, or if these arise at any time, make sure to contact your letting agency immediately. Furthermore, always be sure to follow these through – we don’t mind you chasing us up if  further queries arise or problems have not been resolved.

3. Decide as a flat, what your policy on the distribution of keys are and inform your letting agency. Sometimes workmen need access;  Some people are happy for keys to be given out by their letting agency with prior notification, whilst others feel more comfortable letting workmen in themselves. Have a think about your preference and let us know, so if anything does happen we can make the correct arrangements as quickly as possible.

4. Make sure to set up, and disconnect, your own internet connection – there are plenty of great packages out there!

5. Make sure to keep your flat secure at all times. Ensure that backdoors and windows are closed and locked before you go out and that your home is left secure when you are out and about.

6. Have a think about a heating plan for your home. Make sure you don’t neglect it in those cold Scottish winter months. We know it can be tempting not to use the heating to try and save money, however this often leads to other problems, including damp, mould, condensation and burst pipes. These can in fact incur far greater costs.  We strongly recommend that you keep your home cosy!

7. Enjoy your new home and treat it with pride!  We hope you all enjoy your time with Inchdairnie and are always happy to help with any queries and questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.