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The 5 Mistakes Tenants Make And How To Avoid Them

Over the many years specialising in letting residential accommodation in St Andrews and the surrounding areas in North East Fife we have come across five key mistakes tenants commonly make. Fortunately you can avoid these pitfalls and be safe in the knowledge your search for the perfect flat or house in St Andrews will be stress free.

We have listed the five mistakes below with an explanation on how to ensure you won’t make them.

1.  You don’t have a preferred location for your rented house

Whilst you may have decided you would like to live in St Andrews, have you made the decision as to which parts you specifically prefer.  Is it important for you to be within walking distance of the town or are you OK with a property on the outskirts. Typically it takes 40 minutes to walk from the town boundary to the centre of town. If you aren’t a car owner it would be prudent to check on the local bus services. Stagecoach in Fife run services in, out and around St Andrews. Finally if you have children is it important to you to be close to a particular school? If this is the case we would recommend spending sometime walking around the neighbouring streets and getting a sense of how long it will take to walk to and from the school.

2.  You haven’t set yourself a maximum monthly rental price

It’s an age old fact that people typically buy on emotion and then justify their decision afterwards. Logic seems to go out the window as they pursue the object of their dreams. We all do this from time to time but we must stress when it comes to renting it is crucial you set yourself a maximum price. This must be affordable within your monthly budget so as you have no hardship in making payment. Browsing our rental page will give you an idea of what you are likely to pay for different types of properties in a number of areas in St Andrews. In addition you will need to factor in the cost for Council Tax. Each of our listings clearly states the band for each property.

3.  You haven’t determined the minimum number of bedrooms you will need

In our experience too many tenants fail to determine exactly how many bedrooms they require. Do you need a three bedroom house because you have two children, or will they share a large second bedroom? Do you need to allocate a bedroom to guest room, or equally will the smallest bedroom become an office? Talking the time to work out exactly what’s important to you in terms of living space will make your search a lot easier.

4.  You haven’t decided whether a car parking space is essential

Is street parking sufficient for you or is it important to have your own driveway. If you decide street parking is all you need, are you confident the roads you prefer to rent in have ample space in the evening when returning from work. It’s important to do your due diligence now before committing yourself to a house where parking becomes a real issue and a constant cause of frustration.

5.  You haven’t decided whether a garden is essential?

Everyone has different opinions on having a garden. If you haven’t got greenfingers it might be prudent to avoid a property that requires a large amount of care and attention to properly maintain it. Are you better suitable to a house with a small lawn? Have you factored in the cost of a gardener for general monthly upkeep if you decide to rent a property with large grounds? In our experience it’s important you carefully consider the type of garden you require.

By having the answers to these 5 key pointsyou will be better prepared to find your perfect home.

Please let us know if you have any comments? Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below. Are there other factors you consider more important than the five we have listed here?

It would be a pleasure to help you you find your new home in St Andrews. Please email with any questions you may have.