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St.Andrews Life (a.k.a Home)


I moved away from St.Andrews many years ago, I was 17 and excited to be leaving home.  I can remember how much I wanted to live somewhere bigger, faster, somewhere with more shops, cafes, clubs, where every turn felt unexpected … and you wouldn’t bump into anyone you knew in the supermarket.

I’ve been living in Glasgow, on and off, for 15 years now. Almost half my life. And in that time i’ve come to realise just what a wonderful, exciting and unique town St.Andrews is. I love coming home. It’s familiar and it’s full of family and friends but there is also something unarguably special about the town, it’s location and the growing food and shopping scene.

To me it’s like a smaller, gentler Edinburgh. There is a lot of what’s great about city life crammed into the small town; brilliant deli’s and coffee shops and relaxed places to enjoy a lazy Sunday breakfast. The quality of restaurant in St.Andrews and the local area is incredible and worth a trip just for this. I’ve always loved the variety of local pubs and still can’t wait to see what’s new each time I return, I especially love that we now brew our own local St.Andrews beer. Excitingly, I’ve started to notice an increasing number of small, boutique shops, both clothes and homeware, which if it continues to grow, I could see my hometown becoming a real shopping destination within Scotland.

But perhaps what is best about St.Andrews, is that all of this is surrounded by stunning scenery. After school we would spend evenings on the beach, or riding our bikes through historic ruins and down cobbled lanes. At the weekends we wouldn’t have to venture far to enjoy family walks, a trip to Cameron Reservoir, Craigtoun Park or further out, up into the hills  – It all felt like it was on our doorstep. We’d be spoilt with with ice creams from Jannetta’s and Anstruther fish and chips, always eaten outside, with views across harbours and toes in the sea.

I love living in Glasgow and plan on staying here a while, but it has to be said, nothing beats a trip back home.