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Sunny St Andrews

IMG_0617One of the hottest Scottish summers on record may be over – but there’s still time to enjoy some winter sunshine!

Boasting the warmest, driest and sunniest summer since 2006*, Scotland has triumphed this year in the weather stakes. Consistently warm, bright, sunny days across June, July and August saw holiday makers and locals alike, flocking to the beaches, parks and coastal paths across Scotland.

This summer was the tenth hottest since records began, and it was in July – with almost three weeks of continuous sunshine and soaring temperatures, that it was most pronounced. During these weeks, the beautiful West and East Sands in St.Andrews were at their busiest, with many enjoying a North Sea paddle, sand castle competition and picnic on the sands.  What could sum this up better, than a reported 159% increase in bikini sales and a 200% increase in ice cube sales in July this year (Asda)!

With an approximate 577 hours of sunshine across Britain this summer, we were truly spoilt – but it it is not all downhill on the weather front. The Scottish winter may be setting in, a cold and icy chill in the air, but the days remain bright and clear and the winter sun is still shining strongly as we step out onto the wintery streets, swapping our bikinis and ice cubes for hats and scarfs to enjoy the best of these wintery days.

* Information Sourced from British Met Office statistics