Inchdairnie Properties


Sylvia Deserves a Lollipop!

Sylvia photo for blogSylvia at the office with Angie Wells; One of our very special holiday guests.                      

This week we wanted to take the opportunity to thank Sylvia for being such an integral part of the Inchdairnie team. Sylvia has been welcoming students and holiday makers to the Inchdairnie office for fifteen years. The first point of contact for our guests, she has consistently provided a warm welcome, as well as an invaluable source of knowledge about both the properties and the local town. For some, Sylvia has even become an important part of the holiday experience, and we have witnessed sad faces if on arrival Sylvia’s seat is empty.  Please remember guests – Sylvia needs a day off too!!  All the wonderful gifts that land on her desk from guests across the world and throughout the year, are a testament to the thanks that she deserves.

Inchdairnie has grown from a small family run business, with just several properties on the books, to the blossoming company that it is today. Sylvia joined us as we moved from the family home, into our first offices on Bell Street. She has, since then, become an increasingly important part of the team and has grown and moved with the company as we have expanded.

So, Thank You Sylvia, for everything you do at Inchdairnie Properties. Keep up the good work!